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Saber Security holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding.

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It is the wish of Saber Security Ltd to provide services that meet and exceed the requirements of its customers. We have a documented quality policy and regularly review our quality management systems in order to achieve full compliance to our customer’s requirements and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

A fundamental policy of Saber Security Ltd is to supply the customer with clear and transparent information and terms and conditions of business to ensure there are no surprises to either party. We are confident that our customers appreciate this approach.

Provision of Additional Door Supervisors

It is our objective to satisfy all our customer’s requirements and would ask that where possible we are given 7 days notice in order for us to provide any additional cover over and above the initial requirements of the contract.

We accept, by understanding our customers business that this is not always possible and you can be assured we will endeavour to satisfy all requirements to the best of our ability.

Company Details

The company was formed and incorporated as a limited company in April 2002. The Company Registration number is 4410670 The Company VAT No is 802 665 147. The Company is not linked to any other company and has no subsidiaries.

Venue Documentation

All venues will be issued with documentation that includes full written instructions for the Door staff and relevant records that evidence compliance to out quality standards and your requirements. Customers will receive copies where required. Documentation is left at venues to allow your management to review them whenever they require


Equipment will be supplied to the venue to allow the Door Supervisor to carry out his responsibilities correctly. Equipment can include: Radio communications, metal detection wands, protective clothing, digital cameras. Saber Security Ltd can supply these items or if the customer supplies them a register of equipment will be drawn up to ensure the Door Staff look after equipment and ensure it is protected against abuse or damage.

Confidentiality Agreement

All staff employed and the Management of our company will ensure that any and all information seen or received relating to the customer’s products, business or employees will be bound a customer confidentiality agreement and not disclosed to any third party, replicated or relayed in any form.

Company Principals

Saber Security Ltd is owned by Ray Jezard (Managing Director) and Gary Buys (Operations Director) who have over 50 years combined experience within the industry and both personally oversee all contracts to ensure the customer requirements are met in full.

Uniforms, Licences and Insignia

All Door Supervisors will either wear Saber Security Ltd uniform or to support a venue theme, appropriate Customer corporate clothing if desired.

Quality Management System British Standards BS 7960 & BS 7858

The company has recognised that to succeed you must invest in “quality” and has made a significant financial investment into achieving a Quility Management System . The company’s procedures and work methods are written and implemented in accordance with BS 7960 and all Door Supervisors are screened in accordance with BS 7858. The quality management system is reviewed and audited twice yearly to ensure customer requirements are being met and all current and appropriate legislation is adhered to.

We will conduct regular satisfaction surveys throughout the length of the contract to ensure our aims and objectives and your requirements are being met.

Insurance Cover

Public liability cover is held to the value of £10,000,000 Employer’s liability cover is held to the value of £5,000,000. Copy certificates are available upon request.

Staff Training and Development

The company has a documented training policy and all Door Supervisors are subjected to internal induction training, local authority training course with a written examination in accordance with current licencing requirements and receive further in-house and venue specific training as appropriate.

Paramedics are fully trained and qualified and receive regular training updates to ensure they remain capable of providing that necessary fast response that can be a requirement in the club scene of today.